How to match a donation to your gift recepient

By Laurel E This morning, I’m sitting down to plan my holiday gifts. I’m giving the future, of course, but I want my friends and family to know that I understand them, that I’m helping build a future that means something to them. So, for my friend’s baby who loves trains and my own brother who hates cars: donations to … Read More

How to #GiveTheFuture to Standing Rock

Photo from Sacred Stone Camp Instagram (@sacredstonecamp) By Amelia G I grew up in North Dakota, which means I grew up knowing about the beauty of the Dakota prairies, and I grew up knowing that the Native American struggle for self-determination is urgent: right now, not in the past. The Dakota Access Pipeline threatens both. North Dakota’s oil boom has … Read More

Give Thoughtfully: Places to Shop

gift box with tag

By Rabi We get it, even with your generous donations to #GiveTheFuture, it can be hard to break from the physical gift-giving habit. For when you really feel like you need something someone can unwrap, you can still direct your dollars toward the communities and causes threatened by Donald Trump. Shop ethically with just some of your many options.

Give Thoughtfully: DIY gift ideas

by Amelia Looking for gift ideas you can make yourself? Need activities to keep your hands busy at a mobilizing, energizing #GiveTheFuture party? You’ve come to the right place. Here are 10 simple ideas to get you started.