Millions of Americans—immigrants, Black and brown people, First Nations people, Muslims, women, LGBTQ people, and more—are organizing against the Trump agenda, and for the future.

What are you doing?

#GiveTheFuture was created by a group of people who care about progress, action, and impact – and who are dedicated to helping and empowering those who don’t know what to do to make a difference. #GiveTheFuture means pledging a portion of every family’s gift budget to organizations that are fighting for justice and self-determination. It means putting your money where your heart is. It means that our time of despair and confusion is over, and we are coming together for progress.

Our mission: #GiveTheFuture connects concerned people with opportunities to support the people and communities most vulnerable in the next presidential administration.

Our vision: #GiveTheFuture envisions a world where we are all empowered to do our part for a just, sustainable future for everyone.

Get started by pledging to #GiveTheFuture and finding an organization who needs your financial support today.