Give, Don’t Gift

Pledge all or a portion of your family’s gift budget to fight bullying and bigotry.

When you #GiveTheFuture, you show up for rights defenders and activists demanding change.
You tell Donald Trump that his backward-facing agenda is not our agenda.
You join a movement of millions, working for a future that belongs to everyone.


Take the Pledge

I pledge to #GiveTheFuture this holiday season, dedicating my voice and resources to people targeted by Trump’s bullying.

I commit to progress, to community, and to protecting the most vulnerable. I imagine a future that belongs to everyone, and pledge to work toward that future.

Pledge to #GiveTheFuture and get reminders and information for more ways to work toward a future that belongs to everyone. We don't share your email or information with anyone.
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#GiveTheFuture connects concerned people with opportunities to support the people and communities most vulnerable in the next presidential administration.

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